My first race

I started running as a way to lose some weight as part of the family weight loss challenge.  My very first 5k was part of runDisney’s Princess Weekend in 2011.  I trained and trained…. I honestly had never run more than 3.1 miles in my life.  During this time I was on an assignment living in Orlando, traveling back home quite a bit, and traveling for work.  It was crazy busy.  It was at this truly magical weekend (pun intended) that you can say I caught the running bug.  Now, I am not quite as runorexic as my dad and will go through long phases without running…. what I call runner burnout but I do consider myself a runner.  Do you call yourself a runner?


A sweet friend made us feel like Princesses!

The big running question I face right now is wondering if I should attempt the Dopey Challenge, Goofy Challenge, the 10k, the half marathon, or a combo at the upcoming runDisney Marathon Weekend in 2014.


Post race celebration at Magic Kingdom – 2011


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