The big runDisney race debate

The entire runorexicfamily was together for the Easter weekend. I was able to get in an outdoor (thrilled to be outside) run!



A big conversation topic was the upcoming registration for the runDisney January, 2014 Marathon weekend. After much debate we decided to not sign up for the Runners World Challenge. We don’t think we will use all the amenities.

Dad will be running the marathon (his second) and mom will be running the inaugural marathon weekend 10k. I’m completely torn. I know I’m not doing Goofy or Dopey this year… Although the thought of 6 medals did sound appealing. I have a little time to decide but am set on doing the 10k with mom.
The question I am facing is do I go for marathon or my favorite distance of 13.1 plus my 10k? Daughter #2 won’t be able to join is due to crazy work schedules in January.

Are you running Disney? Which race will you be running in January?


5 thoughts on “The big runDisney race debate

  1. I ran the marathon this year and loved it. I can’t talk it up enough — do the 10k and the marathon because the latter is the most fun you’ll ever have running.

      • Excellent choice! The 5k is a fun run, so you can easily eschew it and the half marathon course looks pretty boring. But the 10k is new and the marathon is all magic — well done 🙂

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