WDW Marathon Weekend Registration

The day is finally here… runDisney opened up the registration for Marathon Weekend! As I previously mentioned this was a highly anticipated day with the new 10k and official Dopey Challenge. The family is all registered and happy to announce our official lineup!

Dad – WDW Marathon (2nd year)
Mom – Inaugural 10k
Daughter #1 – Inaugural 10k and WDW Marathon

I hope that I will be able to smile as big as Dad did when he finished last year!

What race will you be running?



Chicago Marathon 2013 Planning


Chicago Marathon 2013

I am one of the lucky crazy people that was able to get into the Chicago Marathon before the great server crash of 2013.  I tried to register, made it all the way to the payment page, put in my credit card number, closed my eyes and hit submit and then I went to lunch (it is never too early to start carb loading).  When I got back to my desk and looked at my browser I saw that it crashed.  I figured I would try again and couldn’t get the website to open.  After a few failed attempts to even open I told myself I would try after work.  A few hours later the news of the website crashing, failing, closing of registration, etc. started to trickle out.  I figured I would have to wait and see what was going to happen figuring like others that Chicago Marathon was going to lottery (it did a few days later).  One of my coworkers found the confirm your registration page and my name was on it!  Panic began to set in…. me the train when I feel like it runner was really signed up for the Chicago Marathon.  My running buddy that finally convinced me to sign up for Chicago she says “we aren’t getting any younger and this isn’t going to get any easier!” was also in!  My dad, not so much.

I like many runDisney fans am also a huge Jeff Galloway run/walk fan.  For me, his plans work well with my schedule, attention span, and motivation.  I adapted one of his plans that is available on the runDisney website to work for Chicago.  I know it is a long training schedule but I am a girl that needs structure, lots of structure.  Based off my math, I think training starts this week, eek!  Luckily the first few weeks aren’t challenging, just the structure I need to start wrapping my mind about 26.2 miles of running (that is further than my drive to the office).

After spectating the Chicago Marathon in 2011 (while in a stress fracture boot, now that is a story) volunteering at a water station in 2012 and spectating the 20th Anniversary of the Disney Marathon I can say I am truly inspired by everyone that completes a marathon and hope to say I completed my first (there might be a second in 2014) marathon 2013.

– Daughter #1

The big runDisney race debate

The entire runorexicfamily was together for the Easter weekend. I was able to get in an outdoor (thrilled to be outside) run!



A big conversation topic was the upcoming registration for the runDisney January, 2014 Marathon weekend. After much debate we decided to not sign up for the Runners World Challenge. We don’t think we will use all the amenities.

Dad will be running the marathon (his second) and mom will be running the inaugural marathon weekend 10k. I’m completely torn. I know I’m not doing Goofy or Dopey this year… Although the thought of 6 medals did sound appealing. I have a little time to decide but am set on doing the 10k with mom.
The question I am facing is do I go for marathon or my favorite distance of 13.1 plus my 10k? Daughter #2 won’t be able to join is due to crazy work schedules in January.

Are you running Disney? Which race will you be running in January?

My first race

I started running as a way to lose some weight as part of the family weight loss challenge.  My very first 5k was part of runDisney’s Princess Weekend in 2011.  I trained and trained…. I honestly had never run more than 3.1 miles in my life.  During this time I was on an assignment living in Orlando, traveling back home quite a bit, and traveling for work.  It was crazy busy.  It was at this truly magical weekend (pun intended) that you can say I caught the running bug.  Now, I am not quite as runorexic as my dad and will go through long phases without running…. what I call runner burnout but I do consider myself a runner.  Do you call yourself a runner?


A sweet friend made us feel like Princesses!

The big running question I face right now is wondering if I should attempt the Dopey Challenge, Goofy Challenge, the 10k, the half marathon, or a combo at the upcoming runDisney Marathon Weekend in 2014.


Post race celebration at Magic Kingdom – 2011


It was another long Monday. After getting home late I didn’t have the motivation to go to the gym. I still had dinner to make, laundry to fold, and some work to finish. My visit to the gym was postponed and I started my home chores. After cleaning up I sat down to watch the last hour of the Biggest Loser finale. Wow! I saw the kids that lost 40+ pounds, women that lost over 40% of their body weight, and Jeff who lost over 180 pounds. Just seeing this makes me want to hit the gym hard. It wasn’t happening tonight so instead I did planks during the commercial breaks and tomorrow is a new day. If you are lacking motivation think of the Biggest Loser contestants and follow their lead.

I’m guessing the gym will be full of other viewers tomorrow!

– daughter #1

Weekend Running

I had every intention to go out for a long run this weekend. I wanted to get in a solid training run. The March weather just didn’t cooperate. I am the goldilocks of running… Too cold not happening, too hot not happening, I’m waiting for the just right day. Temps have to be over 40 but less than 70’s. This winter has been rough. While my friends in the south are finishing up the race season it is just beginning here and I don’t feel ready. My run wasn’t what I wanted but I did lace up the shoes, and added the layers to head out.

When will it be spring?!


-daughter #1

The Accidental Runner

I never planned to become a runner. It all started with the Family Weight Loss Challenge; at the ripe old age of 57 it wasn’t going to be easy to get the weight I needed to lose to come off. I knew it was going to take a lot of cardio as well as watching every thing I ate, just cutting back and doing Pilates three times a week would never be enough. So I got on the treadmill. But, I didn’t want to spend at least an hour on the treadmill it was too boring, even with the TV on, so I decided to try running on the treadmill. The theory being that if I ran I would burn more calories and could get off the treadmill faster. When I started I couldn’t run for 10 minutes with out stopping. I ran and I walked and I ran a little more and slowly worked up to running two miles.

Daughter #1 decided she wanted to run the 5k at the Disney Princess half Marathon weekend. I said I would run with her and worked my way up to three miles on the treadmill. I had never run outside and I had never even considered running in a race. In my mind I wasn’t a runner, running was just something I did a few days a week. I was nervous about the race, afraid I would be the last one across the finish line. Running that 5k was amazing, empowering and best of all it was fun, thank you runDisney!  As I crossed the finish line I thought to myself, “I guess I really am a runner!”

After finishing the 5k Daughter #1 decided she wanted to run a Half Marathon. I laughed and said she was on her own for that, there was no way I was ever going to run 13.1 miles. (Famous last words, but the story of how I ended up running my first half marathon is best saved for another day)

-Run Mama