Dumbo Double Dare Challenge

While we were relaxing in Disney on our family no race vacation after seeing new Dumbo merchandise my sister said it was good to see “Dumbo getting the respect he deserves!” I can only imagine her excitement to see this beautiful Dumbo medal she will be getting Labor Day Weekend!

Thank you runDisney for helping give Dumbo some respect! Now if only we could get the same for Figment!

Bring on the training!


-daughter #1


The big runDisney race debate

The entire runorexicfamily was together for the Easter weekend. I was able to get in an outdoor (thrilled to be outside) run!



A big conversation topic was the upcoming registration for the runDisney January, 2014 Marathon weekend. After much debate we decided to not sign up for the Runners World Challenge. We don’t think we will use all the amenities.

Dad will be running the marathon (his second) and mom will be running the inaugural marathon weekend 10k. I’m completely torn. I know I’m not doing Goofy or Dopey this year… Although the thought of 6 medals did sound appealing. I have a little time to decide but am set on doing the 10k with mom.
The question I am facing is do I go for marathon or my favorite distance of 13.1 plus my 10k? Daughter #2 won’t be able to join is due to crazy work schedules in January.

Are you running Disney? Which race will you be running in January?

The Accidental Runner

I never planned to become a runner. It all started with the Family Weight Loss Challenge; at the ripe old age of 57 it wasn’t going to be easy to get the weight I needed to lose to come off. I knew it was going to take a lot of cardio as well as watching every thing I ate, just cutting back and doing Pilates three times a week would never be enough. So I got on the treadmill. But, I didn’t want to spend at least an hour on the treadmill it was too boring, even with the TV on, so I decided to try running on the treadmill. The theory being that if I ran I would burn more calories and could get off the treadmill faster. When I started I couldn’t run for 10 minutes with out stopping. I ran and I walked and I ran a little more and slowly worked up to running two miles.

Daughter #1 decided she wanted to run the 5k at the Disney Princess half Marathon weekend. I said I would run with her and worked my way up to three miles on the treadmill. I had never run outside and I had never even considered running in a race. In my mind I wasn’t a runner, running was just something I did a few days a week. I was nervous about the race, afraid I would be the last one across the finish line. Running that 5k was amazing, empowering and best of all it was fun, thank you runDisney!  As I crossed the finish line I thought to myself, “I guess I really am a runner!”

After finishing the 5k Daughter #1 decided she wanted to run a Half Marathon. I laughed and said she was on her own for that, there was no way I was ever going to run 13.1 miles. (Famous last words, but the story of how I ended up running my first half marathon is best saved for another day)

-Run Mama

Every Step Counts

Anyone out there have a Fitbit? We started the family Fitbit challenge in 2013. I highly recommend the Fitbit One. I know how long I am sleeping, calories I’m burning, steps and stairs taken. I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any weight loss and I realized how much I sit while at my corporate job. It wasn’t until I saw my daily steps on the Fitbit that I realized I needed to step up and move more during the day. How do you keep moving?

When you wear your Fitbit for a 1/2 marathon…


– daughter #1

runDisney Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon

A weekend of running, food, and wine to close out Disney’s annual Food & Wine Festival. Or known to our family as the night we ran a collective 52.4 miles as a family!  The runDisney twitter account & Facebook page was going crazy today because registration for the 2013 Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon weekend opened. Dad & his daughters are counting down the days until the runDisney 2013 Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, November 9th.

Take a look back on the 2012 Wine & Dine Weekend in photos below.


Daughter #2 at her first runDisney Expo


The journey to the bling


Dad, Daughter #1 (primary author), and Daughter #2 waiting for the 10pm start at ESPN WWOS


Getting closer to our corral’s start!


The highlight of the race, the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights in Hollywood Studios!


Daughter #2 excited to show off her new bling


Daughter #1 (me) 2nd half marathon in the books & finished on my birthday!

– daughter #1


2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend – Expo Recap

It wasn’t until Thanksgiving morning (after the family 5 mile run) that we decided to register for the 2013 Princess Half Marathon. Dad decided he would stay home for the weekend with daughter #3, Lucy the Labradoodle, and the girls would head to Florida for their first girls running weekend.  We knew that daughter #2’s childhood best friend and her sister would be running in honor of their mother who passed away 10 years ago on race day.  These friends would also be running their first half marathon and we had to be there to help cheer them on!

We arrived in Orlando on Friday morning.  Daughter #1 flew in from Chicago while mom & daughter #2 flew in from Houston.  We quickly met up at baggage claim and headed off to WDW.  From the numerous emails from runDisney we knew that we needed to take race transportation from the hotel to the Expo so our first stop was to check in at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  Since our room wasn’t ready we dropped our bags and jumped on the bus to the Expo.

Like many others I was disappointed in the size / location of the Expo.  Bib pickup and a trip to runner relations to sort out a corral mess was a breeze.  Picking up our race bag and shirt was a long line.  The official runDisney merchandise line to enter the booth was even longer so we decided to divide and conquer.  I did all the shopping for Marathon Weekend so mom and daughter #2 shopped while I headed off to pick up pre-ordered shirts from Raw Threads, compression socks, and a new hydration belt or known to non runners as a fanny pack!  We quickly wrapped up our shopping for the day…  Little did we know that we would be back first thing the next morning.

Friday night due to my addiction to social media I learned that New Balance still had women’s runDisney New Balance shoes in sizes that would fit mom and daughter #2.  And to make it better runDisney was offering early registration for the Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon and after the sell out of Disneyland in a few hours we had to register hence the runorexic title!  After a quick discussion we decided we would head back to the Expo first thing Saturday morning on a shoe purchasing mission.  There were some crazy lines waiting to get into the Expo but luckily since our mission was shoes we could wait in that line.  The runDisney team handled the crowd gracefully and the New Balance reps were fantastic.  They fit mom & daughter #2 for their Minnie inspired shoes.  I took care of the Wine & Dine registrations for dad, me, and daughter #2.  We quickly wrapped up our Expo trip and headed back to the hotel to sort through the Expo loot!

-daughter #1