Rain Rain Go Away…

I don’t know about my fellow runners but I am a fair weathered runner. After last weekend’s crazy warm temps I thoughtfully planned ahead to get up early and be out the door by 7 for a 7-8 mile training run…. Well that plan was spoiled by rain! I personally think a little rain is okay mid run. Almost like running through a sprinkler to cool down. Thunder and pouring rain in a summer storm is not the same!

Looks like I will be going to bed early again tonight… Only after the Blackhawks game and try for the long run tomorrow.


Family Running

We may not all be the same pace.
We may not all run the same distance.
We may not all even love running.
We do all love running knowing someone else is out there!

Even better is literally running into your family!

I can’t wait to know I’m running with family when we go on our family vacation (no races involved) later in the month.

Until then, Happy National Siblings Day to my sister!


– Daughter #1